Writer, journalist, broadcaster and advocate for the deaf and hearing-impaired
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Ken Deutsch is a former radio/TV broadcaster (1969-1976) and former owner of an internationally-known jingle production studio, Ken R. LLC (1977-2005). His jingle clients included Pizza Hut, United Airlines and thousands of radio stations and retail advertisers around the world.

Since 1985 Ken has contributed over 600 articles to publications such as Radio World, The Buzz, The Toledo Blade, Pro Audio Review, FilmFax and Goldmine. His three books about radio and the jingle industry sold out in hard copy and continue to sell in electronic form via Amazon. Ken's latest work, "Growing Up Glencoe," is a whimsical autobiography about the first ten years of his life. Recently he took on two other book projects as a ghost writer.

After going back to college at age 55 in 2006 to complete his bachelor's degree in communication, Ken became an advocate for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Through an agency near Chicago, Ken works online transcribing college classes in real time for hearing-impaired students from Washington, D.C. to Tacoma, Washington. His training in TypeWell software allows him to type up to 150 words per minute so that he can capture virtually every word the professors speak, and what Ken types appears instantly on the students' laptops in the classroom.

In his spare time, Ken is an avid photographer and Photoshop maven. He has been married for 23 years and recently relocated to Sarasota, Florida where he no longer has to shovel snow five months of the year.

Ken Deutsch

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